Files disappeared

When I restarted my PC CFM had disappeared altogether, along with all my clients files. I’ve looked in C drive in CFM date folder but it’s empty… I am not a tech person by any means and this is stressing me to the max. PLEASE HELP…

Hi @Wynny,
The files are all saved to the C drive by default or if you have backed the files up to a OneDrive, google drive, USB, external hard drive or emailed the files to the clients or to yourself or another person.
We don’t keep the files on a server unfortunately.
Would you have the files on a hard drive or backed up in a different location on the computer?

Hi Alex
I’ve searched one drive nothing at all in there it’s totally empty.
There is nothing anywhere. I don’t understand how all the files have disappeared just because I closed my pc down.

Before the computer restarted do you know what version of cashflow you were running?
Is there a chance that you were on version 11 before today? If you were on 11 then we can convert the files to be version 12.

When you computer shut down did it do a windows update or blue screen? When we spoke today you mentioned that the tower crashed?

Hi Alex
Tower hadn’t crashed but files have disappeared like it has crashed.

Are there any other files that seem to be missing? (word files, pdfs) anything like that?

just trying to see what may have happened.
How often did you run the backups of the files?

It looks like there may be a few other files missing as well.
Unfortunately I didn’t back up the CFM. :roll_eyes:

if there are other files missing as well then there may have been an issue with the computer hard drive.
Do you have access to an IT person that may be able to see if any of the data is able to be recovered?

I rebooted my computer and installed the update and GUESS BLOODY WHAT??? The whole lot re-appeared…. Shit I hate technology sometimes….

Thank you for trying to help, much appreciated Alex.


Wynsome Rae

Im so glad to hear that everything is back where it should be!