My data on some invoices disapears but the total of the invoice is still there

Why does my data on some invoices disappear, but the total is still there.
Has happened a few times lately.

Hello @Corelle and welcome to the community!

Can you confirm if you are saving and/or finalising your invoices each time you have created one?

Can i also check the version you are running? We did have a new release today which is 12.3.6.

Here is a download link to this version:

The new version was not ready on that day but have down loaded since.
Just had it happen again. I went to print invoice and it came up with
An unexpected error has occurred.
Please contact if support if this continues.
Message:index was out of range. Must be non negative and less that the size of the collection
Parameter name: index
It also wiped with invoice and only left me with the total, I am trying to quote on parts sales and its not letting me through. Tried going out and into cfm again but no joy.

@Corelle It may be easier if you send an email to with a copy of your backup file along with all the data you had entered into the invoice before it had cleared.

Can you also clarify in the email if you are saving the invoice then finalising, or just selecting finalise?

DF-0.290.6451.2/30 Rod $627 x1

DF-0.008.8275.0/20 gear lever $527 x1

ph $30

yes saved but not finalised.

Could not send cfm as it was to large

@Corelle I recommend sending the file through this website:

It is free and will allow you to send any file up to 2GB.