Program running slow

I feel like the program runs really slow at times. It’s frustrating

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Hey Brian,

I completely understand your frustration with the software running slow.

Of course, this isn’t ideal, and we’ve made major improvements over the last 12 months to the software to speed up many of the most common instances of slowdown. We are working on major improvements in this area moving forward.

One thing we see regularly that slows things down is very large business files. These are from customers that have used Cashflow Manager for a long time. If you are a long term user, please let us know and we can help reduce the size of your file.

@Brian I don’t suppose you can share with us where you experience the most slowdown?

We have speed related problems with version We have a large inventory file and when switching to the “Inventory” tab we get “program not responding”. It eventually opens after about a minute of waiting.

We have given up on version 12 and have reverted back to as it runs flawlessly.

We would love to be using version 12. Please rectify the issues.


Hey there @Qualla300

I’m sorry to hear you’re having this issue with Version 12. I’ll get someone to get in touch with you about this tomorrow.

I have been having this same issue for quite a while now - particularly frustrating when it can take up to 15 secs to change from one screen to another. For example, entering money in and money out each month and doing simple bank reconciliations for each account now takes twice as long as it used to. Being a Rotary Club we do not use many of the CFM features (no payroll, tax etc and only invoice occasionally) so our business file shouldn’t be large.I would appreciate any feedback on how to improve things.

Hi Pauline,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

I know our developers are currently working on some on certain know slower areas of the software to speed things up.

I will ask one of our support team to give you a call directly to see if there is anything we can do in the interim.