How to record Franking Credits?

When receiving dividends, distributions, and interest payments, there are often Franking Credits received at the same time, which are non-cash items but need to be recorded. Currently Cashflow Manager does not provide an ability to record these - BUT SHOULD.

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While there isn’t a direct option, you can use the Quantity feature to record any franking credits on dividends received.

Firstly, you will need to change the name ‘Quantity’ to reflect your purpose of recording Franking Credits.

Select the CASHFLOW section, click on the Tools icon in the top left, select Options,


Select “Quantity column and Decimals Display” in the list that is displayed. You can record a new name for the Quantity column. (We suggest you call it “F Credit” as you are only allowed a maximum of eight characters in this field). Click on Save.


Record your dividends in the Money In section.

Enter the date, the amount, and arrow across to the appropriate allocation column, enter the dividend and either bank or not bank it. Return to the same line, click on the allocation amount, then click on the Quantities button and type in the amount of the Franking Credit. Click OK.


(You will notice that a little red triangle has appeared in the corner of the allocation column to indicate that a quantity has been recorded).


Click on Save.

Go to Reports, select the Cashflow or Transaction listings report, and click on Print - you will notice a column for Franking Credits has been added, displaying the number of credits recorded.

(You can also review or change the Franking Credit amount in Money In, by clicking on the ‘marked’ allocation cell and then clicking on the Quantities button to display the entry previously recorded).

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.