Capital Purchases

Hi- I have run the report titled Business Activity Statement (Cash) that shows Capital Purchase G10 on it mine reads 0. I have purchased a vehicle and in my money out customized a column to read Capital Purchase but when I ran this report to see what It would look like the total is not in there and I assume it is in the G11 Non-Capital Purchases total. Have I set it up incorrectly or maybe deleted the column it was meant to go in. Or the version of Cashflow doesn’t support this.

Hi @KandR
When you look at the Tax type for that column, what is it saying? you are able to change the tax type by going to tools, customise columns, money out.
There are some tax types that will not show on a BAS report.

Hi @Alex.W thanks for responding. I just went back in and the column I labeled Capital Purchase I didnt put in the correct tax type. I now see it has a Cap Purch (taxable) on the drop down. I had clicked the wrong one. Thanks for your help.

Im so glad it was an easy fix :slight_smile: you should now be able to see that on your BAS report