The word Draft appearing on my invoices

HI, I am now getting the word Draft appearing on my invoices. After creating my invoice and entering all details I click save then the print button. I have had trouble with emailing via Cashflow so I am saving to a file opening emails and attaching the invoice to the email. I have not got the word Draft on previous invoice but the word has appeared on the invoices I created today. Unsure what I may have clicked for this to happen.

Hi @KandR, once you have completed the invoice and it is ready to be sent to the customer press on the ‘finalized’ button and that will take the invoice out of the draft state. This will also allow you to receipt the invoice once it has been paid.

Oh yes thank you Alex.W I must have been doing that previously but stopped thinking it was meaning it had been paid.

As Alex said hit the finalise button and then I have to save it as a pdf to computer to email properly.