Trouble customising my invoice

I am new to this system and trying to customise my invoice. I am unable to preview the inv as I create it to see what it looks like and it does not appear in drop down as a customised inv

Hi @KandR, to preview an invoice that you have created in the customised layout screen if you click on the little printer button that is the very last icon on the right of the top tool bar (when you hover the mouse over it you should see the words ‘print’ pop up).
Click on that and you will be able to see what the invoice will look like when its printed.

Hi Alex.W
I have used invoice set up wizard and after following what you have written in the email I have now got my invoice set as a customised layout. BUt I have another question in the set up wizard I filled out details for my bank details on the invoice for the remittance but that does not show I had to do it in the customise layout section. how do I get the details of the remittance on the invoice I see when I print or save to be emailed can you help me with this.

Hi @KandR
With the customised layout you can add in the remittance advice, by going to ‘tools’ ‘options’ ‘invoice layout settings’ tick the box for ‘include remittance advice on default layout’ and save.
Then go into the layout you have created. To add in the bank account details you will need to insert text boxes and manually add the text in.
You can do this by going to ‘insert’ ‘text box’ then over on the right you will see the wording ‘label 1’ click on there and start typing in the ‘property’ column. once you are done hit enter

You can add in multiple text boxes and move them around to be how you want them to show. You can also change the fonts and text size.

I hope this helps! If not you can give us a call and one of the team will be able to talk you through it or even do a screen sharing session to run you through it and get everything how you want it :slight_smile: