Single touch payroll setup

Hi everyone, where do i find the steps to follow to setup a client on STP please from 1/7/2023? New client and never been done, and I’ve never setup STP in CFM before so I’m really lost.

Hi @Wynny
Are you wanting to set up an employee in the program? You can find the steps bellow on how to add them into the program

If it is a client file and they are needing to have wages, please find a link bellow to the wages manager set up information

If you are still unsure or need any clarification, please let me know.


When I go to add the pay for the month it is all greyed out and won’t let me enter any figures. I’ve got to start at monthly pay from July2023 to date.

Why won’t it let me input any figures? What am I missing?


Wynsome Rae


I worked that out how to input figures to pay……

My next question is once I’ve saved the reports as at 30/6/24 how do I advised ATO of figures please?


Hi @Wynny
Once you have created the pays you will need to send them through STP by clicking on the ‘single touch payroll’ button.

If you are lodging on behalf of a client please make sure that the details are up to date in ‘lodger details’ and that the ATO is aware of this.

Thank you, I hate taking over clients from other accountants and having to fix stuff.